Future Development Plan

Explore the new world of WEB3 with EthInscription.org, dedicated to providing an entryway to the future of inscriptions for ordinary users! Our goal is to create a versatile inscription platform, contributing to the Eths community and joining hands with Eths users to usher in a new era of inscriptions.

The future development plan for the EthInscription.org platform consists of three phases:

Phase One: Enhance Inscription Engraving and Viewing Features

In this initial phase, we will enhance the functionality of inscription engraving and asset display:

1. Token deployment, batch minting—empowering everyone to be a scientist.

2. Bulk minting of domain names—quickly acquire your desired domain names.

3. Display functionality for tokens, domain names, and NFT assets—providing a clear overview of your inscription assets.

4. Real-time valuation estimation of individual account's inscription assets.

5. Launching the EthInscription Card marketplace for trading.

Phase Two: Expand the Market, Serve More Needs

1. Inscription domain name trading market, facilitating users in buying and selling inscription domain names.

2. NFT trading market, exploring the unique charm of NFTs.

3. Revenue sharing on the EthInscription Card sharing platform.

4. Introducing VIP services to provide you with an even more exceptional experience.

Phase Three: User Engagement, Co-Creating the Future

1. EthInscription Card user voting—your voice determines our development direction.

2. EthInscriptionSwap.

3. Launching more innovative features.

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