Creating your first ETH inscription

1.Let's first understand what is an inscription?

Inscriptions are a recently emerging decentralized protocol. People place agreed-upon text content in the transaction comments field of Ethereum transfers. Indexers then parse and execute the text content, avoiding computational logic running on the Ethereum Virtual Machine and saving gas. Simultaneously, the data is stored completely on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing anyone to reproduce identical results through consensus protocols, preventing tampering.

2.Let me briefly introduce the rules of Inscriptions for you.

Inscriptions have two fixed rules:

  • The content of the inscription must be a valid DataURI starting with "data:"

  • For inscriptions with identical content, the first one is considered a valid inscription.

The following content is for deploying an inscription for a token named "gwei".

  • "p" represents the protocol, and here the ERC-20 protocol is used.

  • "op" indicates that the current operation for this inscription is deployment.

  • "tick" represents the current token name to be deployed.

  • "max" represents the maximum issuance.

  • "lim" represents the maximum amount that can be mined per mining operation.


The following content is for minting 1000 tokens of "eths".

this time, the "op" content has changed from "deploy" to "mint." Please note that the ID must be unique, and if there is a duplicate, the information from the first one will be used.


I believe the above content is quite straightforward. If you are not familiar with it, that's okay. Our inscription tool will assist you in creating them.

If you want to learn more about inscription rules, you can visit the following links for detailed information:

ethscriptions: etchMarket:

3.Easily create inscriptions using the Inscription Tool.

Now, let's use the Inscription Tool to mint an example token called atom

Step 1: Open our website and connect your wallet.

Step 2: Enter the information in the inscription input box.

Step 3: Click the 'Inscribe' button, confirm in your wallet, and the inscription minting process is complete.

Congratulations! Now you can view the inscriptions you created on ethscriptions.

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