API Overview

All Ethereum inscriptions data is stored on the Ethereum blockchain. To determine the results of inscription operations, one needs to utilize off-chain indexers. We have implemented an indexer similar to the official one, enhancing the security and decentralization of Ethscriptions.

We express our gratitude to Tom Lehman, the founder of Ethscriptions, as well as the development team and community behind Ethscription and Facet. They have open-sourced the Ethscriptions indexer, enabling everyone to equally participate in indexing Ethereum inscriptions' discovery and verification. All inscription data on our platform is currently built on the official indexer code.

We would like to acknowledge the efforts of the Ethscriptions founder, Tom Lehman, and the development teams for their contributions. The open-sourced Ethscriptions indexer allows universal participation in indexing Ethereum inscriptions, fostering a more secure and decentralized ecosystem.

For detailed information, you can refer to the official Ethscriptions documentation available at: Ethscriptions Official Documentation.

Our API's base URI is: https://ethinscription.org/api/indexer

Here, we provide an interface similar to the official one to facilitate inscription verification for everyone. Additionally, this contributes to the smooth operation of the Ethereum inscription system.

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