ETH Inscription Card

To express gratitude to our supportive users, we are introducing the EthInscription Card, limited to 10,000 copies and will never be increased.

By holding the EthInscription Card, you will have:

1.Access to all VIP features, including batch engraving, data monitoring notifications, and more.

2.Enjoy service fee discounts in the future EthInscription marketplace.

3.EthInscription Card users and Eths holders will share 90% of the platform's revenue, with the remaining 10% dedicated to platform maintenance.

4.Propose feature development, participate in project management—your opinions are crucial.

5.Participate in the upcoming EthInscription Card marketplace, allowing free circulation of the cards.

Support us and explore the marvelous world of inscriptions together, ushering in the era of Inscription Exploration! 🚀

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